Our mission is to provide educational programs, support and guide individuals re-entering society after incarceration towards entrepreneurial endeavors, conduct workshops/seminars, develop and distribute information on holistic healthy choices for a healthier lifestyle, and to foster a collaborative spirit with other educational entities to service the community.
Youth & Adult Mentoring

Youth & Adult Mentoring

Services/Resources and Project Application

TIIAI/Gateway to Re-Entry is currently housed at Myers Recreation Center, 5803 Kingsessing Ave.,

Our currently location is a major resource for Re-Entry and Mentoring:

  • Has group and one-on-one Mentoring Workshops on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Presents and expands each week one of the Ten Steps to Re-Entry as a specific life skill.
  • Has participants from PICC Facilities, Juvenile Services/Justice, NET, and the Performance Learning Center.
  • Has a Purposeful Mentoring curriculum for the Mentees.
  • Has developed specific training program for Mentors.
  • Is currently connecting our Mentees to employment.
  • Has provided employment for over 150 males and females at the Convention Center/Kimmel Center and Penns Landing.

The Gateway to Re-Entry Program is structured under “The Village” a web-based management system. This program is built on a research-based framework that allows Gateway to Re-Entry to be measured, sustained and replicated. The focus is to identify and combat challenges faced by the Mentees as they transition back into the community. The Village developed by The Fifth House ( is an extremely innovative methodology that eliminates negative factors and reduces the risks of recidivism.

Services/Resources and Project Application:

The mentoring program is the “gateway” to all the other re-entry programs. The “Ten Steps to Re-Entry” is the foundation for any successful re-entry process.

The foundation of the Ten Steps to Re-Entry is changing the way one perceives his/her place in the scheme of things.

One has to change the way he/she thinks. The Mentoring Program engages a detailed developmental relationship between the Mentees and Mentors.

or the mentoring process to be successful it has to support the Mentees professional and personal development.

The Mentor/s incorporate a distinctive approach to first connect then relate to the Mentees past experiences, to identify where the Mentees are now, and then, to assist in the formulation of a plan for future endeavors.

The primary goal is to form a bond of unconditional trust and mutual respect in the initial stages of the pre-release process while establishing a viable roadmap for the re-entry.

TIIAI Tutoring & Health

TIIAI Tutoring & Health

Services/Resources and Project Application

TIIAI/Gateway to Re-Entry is currently housed at Myers Recreation Center, 5803 Kingsessing Ave.,

The International Institute for Advanced Instruction (TIIAI) pedagogy was developed through a definitive concern for our youth to have the ability to grasp and understand basic life skills that are necessary to make choices that will be beneficial in their future endeavors. All members of TIIAI have consistently provided mentoring programs for over two decades individually and collectively. The tutoring approach is to have the parent attend all tutoring sessions. TIIAI tutoring sessions were inclusive and were specifically in the classroom and home settings ranging from K-12 to College/University. TIIAI was always involved in all aspects of community outreach in its effort to support academic excellence. TIIAI has provided math and reading tutoring, and it should be noted, that within the context of individualized tutoring, mentoring concepts were incorporated. Individuals who were tutored and mentored have progressed effectively through the challenges and obstacles presented in their educational pursuits TIIAI mission is to present life skills in a compassionate and relevant environment while infusing a sense of self for a greater understanding of one’s purpose. TIIAI expertise has been formulated through various approaches to family stability, establishing resiliency and working with individuals who are exposed to severe risks. The African-American community needs are unique and truly require building blocks based on consistency and sincerity. One of the building blocks for the TIIAI mentoring program is Healthy Choices-Go Green. This particular component is to foster understanding on how our eating habits impact our daily lives. We work to create an atmosphere of trust and curiosity by having students experience a new event each week that is embedded in food preparation. The first objective is to understand, who we are, and the importance of taking responsibility for our health with a sincere interest in the choices made in our daily routine. TIIAI staff combined has worked in the educational arena for nearly three decades. TIIAI staff has had extensive exposure to to a host of students. Therefore, TIIAI has established an approach to minimize barriers, that is, participants should have understanding that they are valued and have input in the program process. Furthermore, trust has to be established and a full understanding by the participants as to what their responsibilities are and what is involved to reach their selected goals.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

TIIAI/Gateway to Re-Entry is currently housed at Myers Recreation Center, 5803 Kingsessing Ave.,

Returning Citizens deserve a second chance…Tracey L. Fisher developed The Ten Steps to Re-Entry as a refined and progressive road map to navigate the re-entry process. The overall purpose is to reduce the rate of recidivism. Individuals during their incarceration prepare their home plan, however, they do not factor in possible obstacles one can face upon re-entry. In all due respect, unless an individual has changed his thinking and redesigned his/her approach to life he/she will be faced with huge disappointments, as all of us are from time to time. The difference is returning citizens are coming from an environment that is regimented, and they are now thrust into an environment where they are the full time decision-makers. The most significant obstacle facing returning citizens is their decision-making skill set. If an individual decision-making skills are not honed to provide solid judgment in key situations the likelihood of returning to prison has dramatically increased.

Tracey L. Fisher is a Social and Motivational Speaker, and his personal message shared in his speeches is “Don’t Break the Law”. He believes in keeping it real by being direct, and by having an honest approach via his personal experiences. His passion for sharing his message and mission has afforded him the opportunity to be called upon to speak at numerous venues. His presentations are highlighting these key points, 1) to achieve your best, and 2) to be successful in your endeavors… there has to be a change in your thinking, a renewed mindset and if you follow The Ten Steps to Re-Entry your chance of success increases.

Tracey L. Fisher, who some may considered to be the Guru of Re-Entry, has framed his presentations/workshops/seminars to include, Eliminating Mass Incarceration, The Core of Bullying, The Power of Being Educated, Staff Development and Purposeful Mentoring.

His soon to be published book “Mental Mentoring” addresses key areas on the process necessary in shifting one’s thinking.

To contact Tracey L. Fisher for a speaking engagement, a staff development series, a Gateway to Re-Entry packet or to pre-order his book…

Please email or call
Dr. Carol Simmons
Chief of Staff
TIIAI/Gateway to Re-Entry

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