The International Institute for Advanced Instruction We are a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization

An Overview and History of the Organization:

The International Institute for Advanced Instruction (TIIAI) was formed in 2008 as a Non-Profit in the state of Pennsylvania. In 2011, the IRS granted TIIAI its 501 (c) (3) status. TIIAI purpose/mission is to provide educational programs, support and guide individuals re-entering society after incarceration towards entrepreneurial endeavors, conduct workshops/seminars, develop and distribute information on holistic healthy choices for a healthier lifestyle, and to foster a collaborative spirit with other educational entities to service the community. TIIAI current initiative includes Gateway to Re-Entry, a program guiding ex-offenders (returning citizens) to a successful re-entry to their community through entrepreneurship, under the Tracey L. Fisher, "Ten Steps to Re-Entry Mentoring Program".

TIIAI has collaborated with a host of organizations on numerous projects. Other TIIAI partnerships include Southwest Nu-Stop, Inc., Philadelphia Industrial Correction Centers (PICC), Juvenile Division of the DA Office, Juvenile Justice System, NorthEast Treatment Center (NET), Child First Services, Performance Learning Center, Michael Anderson Learning Center, Youth Outreach Adolescent Community Awareness Program (YOACAP) and TIIAI Tutorial Services under Achieve Highpoints (Online Math Tutoring). We are committed to providing individuals and the community with entrepreneurial assistance and guidance to ensure a productive life experience. TIIAI developed the curriculum for the “Gateway to Re-Entry Program” with Tracey L. Fisher, the premier Re-Entry Specialist and Social Motivational Speaker. Our current initiatives are rehabbing houses for our returning citizens and the completion

Our target population is economically challenged individuals, and families who are unemployed or under-employed, but especially individuals re-entering society. TIIAI/Gateway to Re-Entry is housed at Meyers Recreational Center, 58th & Kingsessing Ave. Philadelphia, PA. TIIAI has a wide range of community supporters and our board members are all active in the community. Board member Pastor Darien Thomas, CEO International Gateway (IG) provides affordable housing. IG is currently embarking on a $500 million project to build a business and housing complex in Southwest Philadelphia. Board member Michael Anderson CEO of the Michael Anderson Learning Center, an organization offering daycare, afterschool tutoring and a summer enrichment programs.

TIIAI/Gateway to Re-Entry is currently servicing 50 returning citizens in our Mentoring Program. They attend weekly workshops that include the ten steps to re-entry guidelines. The workshops include Job Readiness skills, Anger Management, Parenting skills, Self-Employment and host of other topics that addresses the ways to a positive outcome. We have our Youth Mentoring Program on Saturdays and our foundational approach is the importance of education. Our school programs include six weeks of Mentoring inclusive of dreaming your dream, developing your vision, identifying your goals, peer engagement, and accountability.

TIIAI/Gateway to Re-Entry ongoing initiative is “Entrepreneurial Enterprise Gateway to Re-Entry Program” with Tracey L. Fisher, a Re-Entry Specialist, who created the Gateway to Re-Entry Program, and is supported and structured under “The Village”. This is a web-based management system that measures, sustains and allows for the replication of our programs. The program tracks and combat challenges that each participant can possibly encounter. Our mission is to ensure everyone will have a successful and viable business as they travel through their re-entry experience. We are able to initiate a multi-disciplinary assessment of risks and resources through our web-based system, “The Village”, developed by The Fifth House ( The Village management system encompasses exacting standards and robust self-assessments that provide the ability and means to correct performance at the point of execution. The Village applications are used during seminars and planning sessions to integrate education initiatives, business plan, projects, activities and diverse management functions. The strategic plans developed will determine characteristics and requirements for each individual and their progress. This is an extremely innovative approach for it eliminates negative factors that reduce risks. In actuality, Entrepreneurial Enterprise Gateway to Re-Entry through “The Village” system is viable documentation and a concept moving to the national stage.

About Us About Us
Tracey L. Fisher

Tracey L. Fisher

C.E.O. of Gateway to Re-Entry, Social Motivational Speaker, Re-Entry Expert & Author

I am Tracey L. Fisher, a Social Motivational Speaker, and I have an impactful story to share with our youth. I am personally committed to my mission, which is to provide our youth/individuals with decision-making tools that will assist them to successfully navigate their life journey.

My personal accomplishments include having the vision and commitment to develop a Mentoring Program for our youth and adults. I am currently enrolled in Harcum College for their Leadership and Human Services Program. I have had numerous speaking engagements at schools, churches, community centers and with a host of organizations. In the process of these endeavors, I have created and developed “Gateway to Re-Entry” (assisting returning citizens), “Gateway to No-Entry” (preventing incarceration) and “Dream Your Dream Tour” (inspiring our youth to dream). My goal is to specifically demonstrate how our youth can develop good decision-making skills.

My mission includes embracing fully all of my life experiences for the greater good by understanding what may appear to be a problem is only an obstacle waiting for the right solution. My goals are to offer solutions to the obstacles within our life experiences and to identify the benefits of obtaining a well-rounded education. Failure is not an option because it only represents a life lesson for our growth and development. My purpose/mission is to inspire a mind full of disappointments through motivational and positive influences. My mission creates an atmosphere of positive thinking which in turn will continue to inspire our youth to “dream their dreams” and ultimately those dreams will become a reality. In the final analysis, perception is reality…what you perceive yourself to be or moving towards will eventually manifest.

Carol Simmons, Ed. D.

Carol Simmons, Ed. D.

Administrative Director/Treasurer T.I.I.A.I. & the Chief of Staff, Gateway to Re-Entry

Carol Simmons, Ed.D. is a Vegetarian/Vegan and has an extensive background in education and health related concepts. She received her bachelor degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, her Master’s in Education from Temple University and her Doctorate of Education in Urban Educational Leadership, Administration and Planning from Morgan State University.

Dr. Simmons has her administrative and teaching certifications in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, and has taught at Lincoln University, Philadelphia Community College, and Neumann University. She was a technology teacher for the Camden City Schools for fifteen years. She is experienced in the business world; she has owned two vegetarian restaurants. She has consistently promoted a healthy lifestyle and is the author of a Vegetarian cookbook and three children’s books.

Dr. Simmons academic objectives have continued to evolve and now embrace the benefits of Social Networking as the demands of our global society embraces a technological perspective. Dr. Simmons is currently the Director of Public Relations and Treasurer for The International Institute for Advanced Instruction. The mission of the Institute is…Preparing the way for the coming humanistic paradigm shift ensuring maximal human potential and holistic understanding.

MoNique Holland, M.Ed.

MoNique Holland, M.Ed.

C.O.O. & President of T.I.I.A.I. & The Institute for Advanced Instruction, LLC

MoNique Holland a vegetarian for 15 year has been interested in wholistic studies because of the influence of her grandma practice with herbs. She received her certificate as a Certificate Natural Health Practitioner in 2000. She is also furthering her wholistic studies for a Doctor of Naturopathy.

MoNique has two masters' degrees one in Professional Studies in Elementary from Capella University, and Elementary Education from Lincoln University with a minor in Early Childhood Education. During her teaching’s career, MoNique incorporated hands-on health choices in her classroom environment to promote healthy eating for her students and their parents. She has taught grades K-8 for the Philadelphia School District and local Charter Schools.

Monique is currently the Co-Director of The Institute for Advanced Institute for Advanced Instruction (IAI). IAI is an entity committed to preparing the way for the coming humanistic paradigm shift ensuring maximal human potential and holistic understanding.


Monique Holland – President , Carol Simmons – Vice President & Treasurer , Mariatu Kalokoh – Secretary
Dr. Tom Reid - Member, Pastor Darien Thomas – Member , Tracey L. Fisher – Member
Louise (Toni) McDougal - Member


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